Car thefts in Durham Region are up 205% since 2019.

The NDP-Liberal government is failing to protect Durham by allowing repeat offenders to be released on bail within hours of arrest. We demand change, now.

  • In Ontario, in the first half 2023, car thefts added up to more than $700 million in losses. The Insurance Bureau of Canada estimates this costs every driver in Ontario an extra $130 a year.
  • GO Transit stations have been targeted by car thieves, including stations in Durham Region.
  • Durham Regional Police started a new auto theft unit in December 2023 to combat rising crime.
  • But, even if police arrest a car thief, the NDP-Liberal government's catch-and-release policies continue to put our communities at risk. Justin Trudeau's Bill C-75 allows repeat offenders to be released on bail, and Trudeau's Bill C-5 allows for house arrest for dangerous offences.
Common Sense Conservatives will protect your property and keep our neighbourhoods safe by:
  • Reinstating jail, not bail, for repeat offenders by repealing the catch-and-release in Bills C-75 and C-5
  • Increasing mandatory minimum sentences for repeat offenders
  • Putting more boots on the ground and technological tools in place at our federal ports to prevent the export of stolen
    cars overseas
  • Creating a new, aggravating offence when a motor vehicle theft is committed for the benefit of organized crime

Together, we will protect Durham Region.

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