We demand that the Trudeau Liberals and their partners in big corporations stop spending time, resources and taxpayer dollars on superficial DEI policies, and instead focus on affordability.


DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) acts as a smokescreen, allowing some of the most powerful people in Canada to evade accountability for mismanaging our economy and our country:

  • RBC and BMO commit significant resources to "racial equity audits” to promote race politics from the top down. They have not made the choice to bring down bank fees for Canadians. Even worse, RBC has partnered with BlackRock, and BlackRock has spent years advocating for the same Liberal carbon tax policies that increase the cost of food and gas for Canadians.
  • The Trudeau Liberals approved the Rogers-Shaw merger, which has reduced competition in Canada’s telecommunications industry. Rogers’ oligopoly power drives up cell phone bills for Canadians despite network outages, while the company uses its DEI policies to claim they are “applying an inclusion lens to the customer experience” that “improves quality.”
  • Bell Canada fired thousands of Canadian workers, even after taking millions of dollars in regulatory relief from the Trudeau Liberals. When testifying before the federal government’s Heritage Committee, Bell’s CEO shamefully boasted about his company’s DEI policies to make excuses for his company’s deplorable employment practices.
  • In response to the nationwide housing crisis that impacts all Canadians, the Trudeau Liberals created a race-based program for Canadians to access funding through the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) based on their racial identity. CHMC has yet to adequately increase the housing supply so people can afford homes.

Canadians deserve common sense policies that will make life affordable, which should be the focus of all leaders in this country. Common sense policies to help all Canadians include:


Will you sign?